• Paige Barker

Page 04: Give God the Keys

I love the show Fixer Upper. Chip & Joanna Gaines are amazingly talented, funny, inspirational, and love Jesus - how much better could they get, am I right? If you haven't watched their show, do yourself a favor and watch a few episodes, you'll be hooked.

Also, Joanna's style is breathtaking. My future house may or may not be Joanna inspired.


I have always been intrigued in why Fixer Upper along with the entire Magnolia brand/business started, and how Chip & Joanna dreamed it all to life. About a year ago someone heard me talking to my mom about how much I love Fixer Upper. This friend said she had something in the car she wanted to give me. She handed me a book and said, "I want you to have this." All the heart eye emojis because it was the book The Magnolia Story - a book all about how Chip & Joanna got to be where they are today. I started reading it that day and finished only a few short days later.

There was a sentence in the book that tugged at my heartstrings a little harder than the rest of the book and is something I refer to this day. Joanna was writing about how she heard a still, small voice prompting her to close her first store; a store that she had dreamt of for so long, a store that was thriving. As she closed the store for the last time, she heard that still, small voice say...

“Joanna, if you just give me the keys to your dreams, I’ll take them much further than you could on your own."

That one sentence rocked my world. I remember laying out on a friend's boat on the lake with tears in my eyes as I read that one line over and over. I even remember saying to myself, "Paige, if you just give God the keys to your dreams, He'll take them much further than you could on your own."

But as I had that thought in the forefront of my mind, fear crept to the surface. Fear of letting go. Fear of giving up. Fear of the dreams I've had in my heart for a long time staying just that, my dreams. I remember talking to my bonus dad one night and sharing with him how I felt. It seemed scary to let go of my dreams to God because when you give someone a key to anything they instantly have access, and you release control. Any other control freaks out there?

I remember what my bonus dad told me, and it has become an anthem for my life. He said,

“Paige, when you give something over to God you’re not giving it up or letting it go. You're giving it BACK to Him because He gave you those dreams in the first place."

I had a revelation that day. Giving something over (or back) to God is the greatest choice I could ever make. He’s the only One who will give our dreams some much needed TLC and make them BIGGER & BETTER than what we could ever imagine them to be in our minds, in our strength, in our humanness.

So, from that day on I made myself a promise to never take back the keys because I don’t want my version of my dreams - I want God’s version. His version will always outdo mine! Frankly, it hasn't been easy though, and it's stretched my faith like never before. And I remind myself always to put action to the dreams God is orchestrating for me. Whether that be sowing a specific financial seed, sowing into someone else's dream, sowing words of encouragement & faith over people, etc.

Is there an area you need to give God the keys and let Him take control? Is it your finances, your relationships, food, your dreams? Because whatever God has placed in your heart to do/achieve, He wants to dream it THROUGH you! Do your part (believe & take action), and God WILL do His part (do the impossible).

I'm praying for your dreams today!