• Paige Barker

Page 19: It's Time to Unpack

You may or may not know that I've been in the process of moving, but right now we are in temporary housing until our home is ready for us to move in permanently (which is soon, yay!). A few weeks after moving into this temporary place I'll never forget what the Holy Spirit said to me.

I had three suitcases worth of clothes, toiletries, and everyday necessities and I unpacked only the necessary items that could keep me going, but I procrastinated on unpacking everything else because I kept telling myself that I could get by with what I had out — chargers, about ten pieces of clothing, socks, underwear, skin care, etc. But I finally finished unpacking about six weeks after moving and let me tell you... it was relieving to finally finish it (and I had so many more outfits to wear ha). As I was unpacking the rest of my stuff, the Holy Spirit dropped a bomb on me:

You cannot live on just enough of my Word, Paige. You cannot get by with just knowing a handful of scriptures at face value and think that's enough. You need to fully unpack my Word to experience the fullness of all that it has to offer.

You see, I forgot about a lot of the clothes that I packed simply because I didn’t open my suitcases and unpack immediately. You may know a few verses here and there, but if you don't settle scriptures in your spirit and in your heart then when tough times happen (which they will), you'll forget what God's Word says when you need it most.

While there’s power in knowing even just one scripture, that wasn’t God’s intent for His Word— for us to just know a little bit. There’s SO much to the Bible that I believe it’s a lifelong journey of discovering the entirety of its power. And God’s intent when He gave us His Word was for it to be used as a weapon for battle, a manual for navigating life, a resource for learning about Him, and so much more. But when we choose only to read a few chapters here and there and then put it aside, we’re in essence telling God that we can make do on our own and that we don’t need Him. When in reality, we desperately NEED God. We’re unable and incapable of sustaining a healthy life without Him - and a relationship with God and His Word are a package deal. You cannot get one without the other.

The best part of unpacking is you get reacquainted and familiar with the items in your luggage or boxes. Have you ever unpacked (or packed) and it took you significantly longer because you kept getting sidetracked with all the stuff? You discovered things you forgot you owned, things you had been looking for, etc. (This happens to me almost every time I have to unpack/pack for anything). Reading God's Word is very similar. When you begin diving into it, you discover more and more of who God is, who you were called to be, you get answers to the questions you've been asking, and you create a longing to continue to learn what God's Word has to offer. The Bible is life-giving, enchanting, challenging, encouraging, and so much more. I feel at ease whenever I open the pages of my Bible (or when I open the Bible app on my phone). It's my greatest weapon and my safest hideaway.

By no means am I saying that developing the habit of consistently reading the Bible is easy because it's not. At least for me, it's not. I have to continually say "no" to the things that my flesh desires, like watching Netflix when I get home from work or hitting the snooze button in the mornings to get that extra ten minutes of sleep. The enemy knows that when we read the Bible, we are equipping ourselves with a heavenly strength that we need to live the lives God has designed for us to live.

So, take this challenge with me: Let's unpack what God is saying to us through His Word and use what He's saying to make an impact in our daily lives.