• Paige Barker

Page 14: One Word Can Change Everything

Have you ever tried to make something that you've made before, but you realize that you need a refresher of the instructions? And instead of reading the instructions thoroughly you just skim because it's not new to you? Yeah, me too. Let me share with you.

Every year my church kicks off the year with a 21-day fast and this year I decided to add a detox along with my fasting this time. I chose a detox water that I used a few years ago that I liked, but I couldn't remember what the ingredients were so I had to follow the instructions again. This time around I felt TERRIBLE on day one which was unusual, but I just thought it was working extra fast this time. By day two it was so bad that I could barely function at work -- my head had sharp shooting pain, I could hardly keep my eyes open, and I was extremely irritable. I was only halfway through day two when I had almost convinced myself to quit because I couldn't handle that intense pain for seven days. I looked up the instructions to read what the side effects were from this detox when I noticed something significant.

When I read the instructions before making the water, I read, "This is supposed to replace your daily water intake." I didn't think anything of it because it was detox water. WRONG. I reread the instructions and realized I skipped over a critical word in that sentence. The sentence was actually, "This is NOT supposed to replace your daily water intake." I wanted to kick myself. How could I miss such an essential part of the instructions? My body was responding that way because it hadn't received any water (the most critical nutrient it needs) for two days! No wonder my whole body hurt. After chugging two water bottles, my migraine was gone entirely, and I was back to a fully functioning working woman. Amazing, right? You might know where I am going with this.

I had two revelations after that mishap:

1. One word can change EVERYTHING for your life -- for better or for worse. What are the voices you're listening to? Are you allowing the voices of your family, social media, your debt, the enemy to be louder than God's voice? One word from the enemy can change your life -- if you choose to listen. One word from God can change your life -- if you choose to listen. Which voice are you going to make the loudest in your ear?

2. When you're not feeding yourself with the most important nutrient, you will be in a lot of pain. If you're not feeding your spirit with the Word of God, the result is spiritual malnutrition. Imagine how your body hurts when it's not getting the water it needs. It's the same with your spirit when it's not getting the Word of God.

I love how God can use any experience as a teachable moment. And God will do the same for you as long as your willing to be teachable. God wants to speak to you! You must lean in and listen.

I am praying for you, sweet friends.