• Paige Barker

Page 21: My Favorite Sermons || Spring 2019

I have so many different people I love to listen to, but here are a few of my favorite sermons I've recently listened to/watched that I believe you will love also. Every sermon is completely different yet incredibly impactful.

1. Relationship Goals by Pastor Michael Todd (Transformation Church)

Relationship Goals is more than just one sermon, it is an 8-part series, but I promise it doesn't feel like an 8-part series. It's one of my all-time favorite series about relationships. Whether you're single or not, I believe you'll gain value from all eight sermons.


2. How to Build Your Vision From the Ground Up by Pastor Steven Furtick & Bishop TD Jakes (Elevation Church)

An hour and forty-five minutes of pure gold. I had to watch it a few times to write down my notes.


3. Positioned to Party by Pastor Judah Smith (Churchome)

He always brings a fresh perspective to familiar stories, and he's funny, so that's fun.


4. As Long As You Love Me by Pastor Bianca Olthoff (The Father's House, OC)

She's sassy & fierce, and I love it. For all my non-married friends, she gives her ten dating principles at the end of this one. Even if you're not single, you probably know someone who is single, so you'll still benefit.


5. Mastering Your Mindset: The Spirit and Mindset of Money by Pastor Keith Craft (Elevate Life Church)

I may be a little biased, but this one is realllllly good. I love my pastor and the way he teaches. This particular sermon changed the way I looked at money. You'll want to take notes for sure on this one.


It's Monday, and here are five sermons (well technically twelve because I included an 8-part sermon series, but just count sermon #1 from the series for now), so if you start today and watch one every day, you'll have watched them all by Friday!

Make today a great one, friends!