• Paige Barker

Page 01: Doing it Afraid

Do it afraid, do it imperfectly and just get something out there. 

You may be wondering why I chose May 16 as my launch date. To you, it may seem random, but to me, it’s quite the opposite. As I thought about when the perfect day for launching my blog would be I wanted to make sure it was a day that was important and meant something special to me. May 16 will always be a significant day for me as it was this day two years ago a dream became a reality; a dream I had been praying for, believing for and patiently waiting for. 

So, here we are. Another dream becoming a reality and it freaks me out a little bit… in the best way possible. This has been something on my heart to do for about two years now, and I’m finally doing it. I’ve always wanted a place I could write, share my story and experiences and encourage people in all walks of life. I am by no means an expert or one who is qualified, but who is? Isn’t it God who qualifies us, not our peers, co-workers, family or social media followers? And that’s the cool thing about God… He’s the One who uses our flaws, impurities, and brokenness to create a story that allows His light to shine through our cracks.

So instead of giving into fear and insecurity, I’m choosing to JUST DO IT. Like someone recently told me – Do it afraid, do it imperfectly and just get something out there. So that’s what I’m doing. Because putting yourself out there and being transparent for everyone to see is scary. But it’s also beautiful. My prayer is that in every word, every post, in every part of who I am I want people to see JESUS.

Whatever that dream of yours is, the thing you've put on the backburner because you're scared, the nudge you feel in your spirit... just do it. There's no greater time than the present; we're only promised now. Stop giving into fear, insecurity, disappointment and whatever else is keeping you from your dreams! I used to think I had to reach a certain "status" or "goal" to achieve my dreams, but that was a lie I kept believing. I was sitting around waiting for God to do something when I think He was waiting for me to take action. As long as we do our part and take action, I believe God will do what we cannot. People need what you have; they need to hear your story. You have a story that only you can share - a story that is destined to bring hope to people who are to hear it. So, don't hold yourself back. 

My encouragement to you today: JUST DO IT. 

Get out there and see what God does!

PS. As you read these blogs I'm excited for you to get to know me better with each post as I'll share more about my life, my childhood, my past, and everything in between. If there's anything specific you would want to know or for me to write about, leave a comment or message me! I'm an open book, so just ask. :)

I hope you leave feeling encouraged and knowing that there's someone in your corner cheering

you on.