• Paige Barker

Page 28: Turn Up the Volume

When I’m driving, I love to listen to music. Music is some of my heaven on earth—especially country music. A while ago, one of my favorite songs came on, and I proceeded to sing along because it’s hard not to sing along when a song you like comes on.

Halfway through this song, I got a little frustrated because it wasn’t that loud, but I kept singing anyway. Instead of turning up the volume, I let it be. The song was about to be over, and I heard a little whisper saying, “Just turn the volume up.”

This little, intricate whisper left me speechless for a few minutes. It was something so simple, yet so revelational. All I had to do was reach for the volume knob and turn it up. Here I was, driving, wanting the music to be louder, but I didn’t think to turn up the volume… which I have FULL control over.

How often is that like our relationship with God? We want to hear His voice but don’t turn up the volume. We want to listen to His voice louder, but instead of doing anything about it, we get frustrated and disappointed that God isn’t talking louder. The thing is, God doesn’t need to speak any louder. We need to silence the unnecessary noise that is making His voice too quiet to hear.

You have full control of the volume.

Just like you have full control of the volume in your car, you have full control of how clear God’s voice is to you. Are you walking every day struggling to hear God’s voice, or are you jamming? If you’re in a place where you’re struggling to hear God or even frustrated because He’s too quiet, remember… YOU control the volume! Turn off Netflix, stop scrolling on social

media, get into His presence, open your Bible.

God is speaking, but you have to choose to listen.

What are you listening to?

If you’re not turning up the volume of God’s voice, why? Ask yourself: What am I choosing to focus on instead of turning up the volume? What is distracting me from clearly hearing God’s voice? Is there a bunch of chatter in your head? Are you listening to your friends, significant other, co-workers, or family more than you’re listening to God?

Listening to God’s voice is a choice; a choice each person has to make on their own. You can want to hear His voice clearly, but what are you doing to listen to His voice? You have to put action behind that desire. God can and will help you, as long as you are doing your part.