• Paige Barker

Page 31: In the Business of Upgrades

On Friday night, it was raining. The raining where you get soaked in two seconds. I walked into the house and reached for my phone, but it wasn't in my pocket anymore. At that moment, I realized it was probably outside. I was hoping it fell out in my car, but I was wrong. There it was, on the sidewalk collecting water. I was so frustrated because water + electronics = not a functional equation.

I was having a frustrating day, and this was the icing on a cake baked with salt instead of sugar.

Rewind a couple of months. My phone started to slow down a lot. It was taking forever to load anything, and my phone often wouldn't ring when someone called me. And so on. So, I wanted a new phone, but I wasn't eligible for an upgrade until July. And I wasn't about to spend unnecessary money when my phone was working enough to function.

Fast forward back to this weekend. On Saturday, I found out my phone carrier was going to move my upgrade so I could get a new phone instead of having to wait until July.

During a frustrating experience, I got upgraded. And that's how life is with God. He will take the not so great thing in your life and upgrade you. He will make something beautiful from ashes. He will make a rainy day sunny again. He will use what the enemy meant for evil for good in your life because God is in the business of upgrading.

So, no matter what your experience has been, what it currently is, or what it will be, God can use it for your benefit if you let Him.