• Paige Barker

Page 34: God's Pace For Your Life

Awhile ago I wrote about how God is our pace car...you can read it here. As I was typing that post I thought about how more than just being our pace car, God is the creator of the track.

If you talk with the creator of anything, you can probably count on them knowing the ins and outs of their creation better than anyone else. They are the ones who spent hours upon hours upon hours thinking, creating, developing, and tweaking their creation. So if you have any questions, they would be the best person to connect with, right?

Think about it this way: God is the creator of our track. And because He's the creator of the track, He knows where every turn is, where each slick spot is, where each pit stop is, and how the track is set up. Knowing the Creator of the track gives you an advantage because you can seek advice from the One who knows every little detail of it.

Often times I try to use the track of life on my own. But because I'm not the creator of the track, I don't know what the road ahead looks like. I don’t have the map so it’s impossible for me to know where the turns are to be able to slow down and where the straight aways are to speed up. Only God knows where every curve is, where each speed bump is, where each pit stop is, and so on.

I was listening to a podcast where Tauren Wells was the guest. He said something I will never forget.

“We are so quick to trust God with His plan for our lives, but we don't trust Him with the pace of our lives. We need to trust God’s pace for our lives.” - Tauren Wells

I am the kind of person who is constantly about the next thing. When I was single I was constantly thinking about my future boyfriend. When I started dating Logan, I was always thinking about when an engagement was going to happen. When we got engaged, the main thing on my mind was our wedding. We got married, went on our honeymoon, and came back and it was Christmas. Christmas came and went, so did New Year's Eve. Shortly after the New Year, I looked at my husband and said, "I feel kind of sad for some reason. We had such a busy season of planning the wedding and then thinking about Christmas, I feel like we don't have anything major to look forward to." If only I knew what God had in store for us. That was in January. Here we are about five months later and our lives look so different... for the better. But it's still different.

My point in sharing that is this: Don't get so focused on what's next that you miss what God has for you right now.

You may be like me and want to move at a faster pace than what God currently has set for you, but what I can say looking back is God's pace (timing) has always been perfect for my life. He knows that if I start off too fast, I won't have the endurance to keep going. I'll get too tired to finish the race. But I am so grateful God knows what's best for me for the long haul.

Trust God's pace for your life.